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"I find gigs quite therapeutic. You have a room full of people that just smile at you. It puts you in a wonderful mood because you ‘get’ the happiness….so thank you very much for smiling."
Ed Sheeran - Festival Hall, Melbourne 4/3/13 (via ed-sheeran-is-purrfect)

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Ed Sheeran - Drunk (Live)

Holy shit this is amazing.

Ed, your little beard omg, your hair, your necklace, your voice!! I can’t even.

He looks absolutely  beautiful <3

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Ed Sheeran - Drunk in Love (Cover) - HQ full - Download

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It’s a metaphor, you see. Check out this new clip from #TFIOS.

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If Ed is gonna be on tfios soundtrack I’m gonna do 1 of 2 things:

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